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Free Shipping on ALL US Orders for $50
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About 31st and 4th

31st and 4th Candle Co. is a company built on love and created with you in mind.  Our products are handmade in small batches with passion and sealed with a special prayer from our home to yours. 

31st and 4th Candle Co. is committed to providing you with an excellent customer service experience and quality products. All of our candles are handmade with coco-soy wax and custom fragrance oils to deliver long-lasting, great-smelling scents.

Our Brand Collective line was created to invite you into our lives and some of the things we love most. It describes our "Candle Personality."

Our company believes in the power of aromatherapy. Scents remind us of nostalgic moments, our favorite holidays, food, or even takes us to a place of peace and relaxation. We believe that when you are in your happy place you are at your best.

Our candles are cruelty free, non toxic and contain no synthetic dyes or parabens. 

Burn Responsibly and Enjoy


Nique Aakree'